sound familiar?

It'd look a little something like this...




It really can be THAT easy.... 



This is for

the start-up entrepreneur

the side-hustler with a growing product/service

the business veteran who hasn't taken care of their business setup

the worried business owner who wants to ensure they're covering their bases

hey, I'm Ashley

and I enjoy helping female entrepreneurs run REALLY successful businesses!

I've been an accountant for roughly 8 years and Pretty Penny has been around for 3. My days are spent managing the finances for multi-million dollar companies - but I've noticed a huge gap in the industry!


Businesses of ALL sizes need access to resources that will help them be successful. The reality is that the information out there is confusing, conflicting, and overwhelming to consume.


I'm here to tell YOU that accounting doesn't have to be confusing. You can understand the information and I'm here to teach it to you in a way that is approachable. 


You can build the business of your dreams. You can define success for yourself and have everything you want out of life.


But you have to start with the foundation. Building a strong business foundation will set you up for long-term success.

Understanding the financial side of your business is just as important to your success as the quality of what you sell. 

Ashley is incredible! She offers so much knowledge, but keeps things simple and easy to apply to your business. 




Liza Kirk

Liza Kirk Photography

Ashley is cool, calm, collected & creative! I've never had an accounting experience like this that totally broke down the complexities of accounting and put it in a way I could understand, but also not be totally bored by!

Lauren Bordelon

Brand Good Time

I gained so much knowledge and clarity! Such a great help for my businesses and personal finances!




Ify Yvonne

Public Figure

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