What if you could manage your business finances without the tax-time panic and accounting dread?

You could know exactly how much you're making, have a healthy tax savings account, and tackle your finances without the inevitable freakout.


Plus, you could keep more of the money you make by taking the right deductions, streamlining your financial systems, and eliminating those sneaky expenses you don't actually need.


If you're not ready to hire a full-time bookkeeper but are totally over "winging it" with your business finances, I've got you. If you want to make serious money, let's start taking your money seriously, shall we?

Here's the issue...

Your business makes money, but it could be making a lot more. You don't really want to hire a bookkeeper, but you're tired of DIYing your finances in a way that feels like...

"I know I'm making money, so where is all of it going?!"


"Tax time stresses me out, and I just know I'm missing deductions."

"I want to take my business seriously, but my finances are all over the place."

Can you really DIY your business finances without the headache? Yes, yes you can.

What if managing your money didn't freak you out?

Imagine feeling confident enough to handle your own bookkeeping and truly understanding your business finances. How would that increase your income?

  • You'd no longer panic at tax time, meaning you could maximize your deductions keep more of your hard-earned money. Score!

  • You'd feel confident in your money management skills and know you have a wealth of resources to turn to as your business and income grow.

  • You'd actually look forward to checking your bank account because you'd know you're making a lot more money and managing it with ease.

And the best part? You could do it all yourself, without hiring a bookkeeper! No more "winging it" and hoping for the best.


Your crash course in DIY bookkeeping and all-in-one guide to managing and maximizing your income without the headache.

And for a limited time, you can become your own bookkeeper for only $397!

Everything you need to manage your own bookkeeping:

  • Lesson 01: Paying Yourself

    You work hard. Reward yourself! I'll show you how to pay yourself properly, track it for tax time, and give yourself a much-deserved raise.

  • Lesson 02: Saving For Taxes

    The key to avoiding the tax time meltdown? (We've all been there.) Preparation! I'll walk you through my system for saving for taxes well in advance.

  • Lesson 03: Write-Offs

    Most small business owners overpay their business taxes. (Thanks, IRS...) I'll help you find and take all the deductions your business deserves so you can keep more of your money.

  • Lesson 04: Staying Organized

    Managing your finances isn't a once-a-year thing. I'll teach you how to work financial management into your weekly, monthly, and yearly routines, all without taking too much time away from your business.

  • Lesson 05: Putting It All Together

    You've got the skills, now let's put them to work! I'll walk you through the process of setting - and hitting! - new money goals in your business.

You get it all.

A step-by-step plan for managing your finances without taking too much time away from actually running your business.


Clear, actionable instructions for DIYing your bookkeeping, maximizing your deductions, and managing your business money.

A workbook, templates, video lessons, and bonuses all aimed at teaching in an approachable way! No more money-related stress!

And did I mention you get lifetime access? No matter how much your business grows, you'll have the resources to manage your finances like a pro.

I'm Ashley, your accountant/BFF who wants to help you make more money.


I started my business in 2018 to help fellow small business owners increase their income and accomplish their own versions of success with confidence.


I've spent the past few years supporting female business owners as they shed the money blocks they've carried their entire lives, released the fear they held around money management, and stepped into the peace that comes with truly understanding your business finances.


Your financial success is my passion.

All business owners - whether you're ready to outsource your finances or not - deserve the tools and resources to manage their money without ripping their hair out.

That's why I offer everything from done-for-you accounting services to DIY tools (like this one!) for managing your business finances like a pro.


Whether you've got your sights set on millionaire status or just want to build a business that affords you the life you're dreaming of, I'm here to help you get there and enjoy the journey!

"I've never had an accounting experience like this that totally just broke down the complexities of accounting and put it in a way that I could understand, but also not be totally bored by."

Lauren Bordelon, Brand Good Time

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